The Last King of Scotland

The Last King of Scotland, the new hexagonal game about the war from 1978-1979 between Uganda and Tanzania. Not that this is a particularly complex game, and is very long. It runs about 90 minutes, enough to change sides and play again.

The board shows a map of Uganda under the rule of Idi Amin Dada, with one player on each side of the conflict. For eight months, the two countries fought a war that eventually led to the flight from the country of Idi Amin. Each turn represents one month of real time. Other nations such as Libya and Mozambique to join one side or the other, the new recruits come on board. Tanzanians come across a narrow strip of territory on the southern tip, and have a need to capture a couple of key to winning cities. Uganda has to endure long enough to keep Tanzania invaded by them. Supplies are a constant factor for both parties, but in his country Ugandans are rarely excasos resources. Tanzanians have the numerical advantage, however, not have the resources to feed themselves through territory and take quickly.

The Last King of Scotland, map
The Last King of Scotland, map

Although this is clearly a war game hexagonal counter, a couple of good design choices make everything more efficient. First, the variety of units is rather low. The differences are expressed exclusively in numbers over the counter, so it is easy to evaluate the troop strength. Large units such as armor and artillery special dice roll hit on a lower number. It’s all very clear and quick to learn. Another good measure is that the units are either on the board or killed. The only condition to worry about is whether a unit is out of the game or not, meaning that this supply route is interrupted and the unit will be severely hobbled if struggle. It is a long way to go to make the game less intimidating.

This is not a game for those who do not like the dice. I pitched battles in some 11-12 of them to determine the outcome. Even stronger is the initiative roll each turn. That is a particularly strong swing, but I’m fine with that because I like dice games.

The Last King of Scotland, components
The Last King of Scotland, components

The Last King of Scotland is a compelling game, cleverly designed. Despite my almost total lack of experience in war games, he was quickly brought into the conflict. I struggled to learn to use the land and my units. The map shows some points that were a delight to discover. My biggest concern was that it would get in the game and setirme totally lost, but I did not have to worry.

And apart from developing an understanding of tactics, I met a lot of fun too. This is due in part to the rhythm that the clips along very well. Tanzanians feel they have to race against time and the Ugandans are just outnumbered. There is good stress and pressure on each side, and while you might find that pressure a bit strenuous in a party of four hours, in a 90-minute experience fast-paced as it works very well.

The simplicity and the fast pace means that fits my personality and style of play too. And I just had a good time, which is perhaps what impresses me.

The Last King of Scotland, tabs
The Last King of Scotland, tabs

The mounted board fits like a puzzle, and it feels great. Graphically the game is just great, clean and easy to read. It is not at all difficult to handle the cards, as they are thick and rounded. My biggest complaint in the production goes to the rules, a particular bugaboo I have with VPG. This time, the problem is compounded by the fact that this is the first in a series of games in African wars. That means that the first half is rules for the entire series, the second half is specific rules for this iteration. That makes it look anything up to a kind of headache, although it’ll be nice to future installments.

If you’ve always been a little curious about trying wargames, The Last King of Scotland is a great game to start. It’s intuitive, clean and fast and looks good, better than most war games. It is also relatively cheap at around 35 €. And perhaps most interesting, now I have a fascinating historical insight into a little known war. It can never become a dedicated wargamer, but this game shows me the appeal of piles of counters on a small map.

Game Type Wargame
Recommended Age +13 years
Language English
Players 1 – 2 Players
Game Time 90 minutes
Difficulty Hight

Epic Spell Wars

It is a game unpretentious where the fun is simply to annoy other means that those who do not like the games to annoy and / or seek something that has to plan a minimal strategy and can move from reading the rest.


Epic Spell Wars, componets
Epic Spell Wars, componets

The game comes in a not very large box in a space similar to the Hulk Death Angel size but a little wider.

Includes 4 dice 6, 8 large poster boards with the characters you can carry (are all the same, the only difference is that the illustration), a few meters of cardboard, a Skullfire mountain (which has no function in the game, is purely decorative) and a lot of letters from a little thin these “magic” size.

Special mention the pictures that apparently have no middle ground, either you love or hate. One of the people who played the game commented that it looked like fun, but could not stand the drawings.


Epic Spell Wars, cards
Epic Spell Wars, cards

Simpler than the mechanism of a jug.

You start with a hand of 8 cards, and grace is to create a spell that can have up to 3 components: Source (source), quality (quality of the spell) and delivery (say that the ultimate goal of the spell).
With your 8 cards you can do a spell of 1, 2 or 3 components with the only condition that can only be a source, quality and delivery, it can not be repeated any element.

After everyone finds reveal built its spell, spells act first single component 1, then 2 bigger and 3 (which are the maximum). In case of a tie in the number of components there are a number of initiative in the letters delivery that determines the order, from highest to lowest.

Each card has an effect and are resolved in order, first the source, then the quality and then the delivery, basically removing the effects are life rivals.

For instance:

Source: Ago Three damage to each enemy who has already acted.

Quality: Strips 2 dice, then each of the other wizards roll a die and a result equal to pull one of the two dice you threw those eating damage.

Delivery: Strips a given, every enemy who has more points than your removed: if you take 1 to 4-1 damage damage March 5 to 9 and 10 or + 4 damage

Each card is in your spell has a glyph indicating down to magic school belongs (fire, darkness, primary ..) so that if a letter you have to roll a die (xej the delivery above) matches the glyph with another card from your strips spell a given but for each match (if you have 2 equal glyphs would 2d6 and 3d6 if you have 3).

So magicians are eliminated until only one remains, this earns a token of the last wizard standing. Then it start another game and get two tokens that last wizard standing wins.

When you are killed for every round you play where you do not participate xq you are dead draw a card from the deck dead magician, who is giving you advantages, so that if you die very early next’ll have a lot of help starting. They are usually the type you start with 5 points more of life, or even a treasure no one tells you, you’re dead, you learn to live with it (and of course does not give you anything at all).

Some spells get treasure letters that make squirm a bit different rules in different ways, x eg. It gives you a +2 dice rolls, or if someone plays a card that you have in hand is eaten 2 damage and 2 and you heal your stuff.

Basically that’s it.


Epic Spell Wars, box
Epic Spell Wars, box

A quick game without many pretensions to have a good time and a laugh, the combination of the names of the spells out very funny and things that make you hit one laughs (yes, in English). It is a game that can play up to 6 players and is not slow, yesterday paste several games in a row to 3 and 5 players and duration did not suffer to be a player but as having a spell but turn it into much more damage could almost say that more players the game is faster.


  • A Fun game for to aggrieve and laughter
  • Duration Short, more or less half an hour per game
  • The Illustrations (if you’ll such drawings) are very horny


  • Look no strategy, play your cards and often the wizard that you hurt is random, and it tells you the strongest and when you reach the turn to do the spell the strongest is no longer the same as when you designed the spell . PURE CHAOS. (Although for some this is not a defect).
  • The illustrations, if you do not like hate.
Game Type Party Games, Thematic Games, Fantasy, Fighting, Humor
Recommended Age +12 years
Language English
Players 2 – 6 Players
Game Time 20-40 minutes
Difficulty Medium

Zulus on the Ramparts!

Zulus on the Ramparts! is a board game of the category wargame inspired by Rorke’s Drift in 1879. The player assumes the role of the 140 British soldiers who faced more than 4,000 African soldiers in the legendary siege in which the first were incredibly to finally retire victorious enemy. No tokens representing the army of His Majesty only a deck of cards and some markers. Yes Zulu regiments are represented by several chips symbolizing the four main formations attacked Rorke’s Drift and “life points”.

On the map we see represented the missionary position and four “ways” to move toward him. These “pathways” oval divided into five cells each representing the advance of the Zulu regiments. If any of them reaches the red square that is the “Victoria Zulu” tab, the game is over for the player, who has failed to repeat the heroic historical result.

The record of Zulu victory begins in the red box with a 0, but may be delayed by the player up to two positions, making it harder to reach their target Zulus. In other parts of the map are in certain markers and letters reporting things like water scarcity and ammunition, the arrival of the night, forming a reserve platoon or building defenses now.

Zulus on the ramparts!, board
Zulus on the ramparts!, board

Before starting the game, we put in a bowl a series of round tiles that represent both the progress of the various Zulu regiments as various events. We must also prepare before starting the deck in a specific way, leaving from the last 4 cards (shuffled at random) of relief column that ends the game (if you have not done before) and inserting the letter Night (hampering the fight) to about half of the deck.

First thing we do each turn is, remove one of the fas of the container and make it effective: execute the corresponding event in the case of one of these or, in the case of an advance (most likely) will move the number of spaces the corresponding Regiment (iButho) Zulu.

If you still survives then the player performs the main phase of action, where you can choose from several options: forming the reserve squad, trying to put out fires, build a barricade, distribute ammunition and water, shoot / melee attack heroes and draw cards. The latter represent the official historical fence and give the player important assets and greater flexibility and can often “sacrificed” in exchange for decisive action. The player usually has a five-card hand that is renewed at the end of the day. These letters will or will these heroes who have seen or bursts of gunfire. Heroes can also shoot or use special skills stronger and be used for various actions on the board as the platoon booking form or build the barricade. For all these latest features, normally we should have “fallen” hero to the table with a prior action.

Zulus on the ramparts!, tabs
Zulus on the ramparts!, tabs

The shooting and fighting are made by rolling dice. According to the letter we use, we can pull a number of dice (typically between 1 and 5) depending on the distance at which the Zulu regiment are. 6 eliminate a life point of the enemy formation (having from 2 to 5 points); May 1 will be withdrawn the box back.

Once selected and implemented the action, the player ends his turn by drawing a card from the deck if you like, and removing (dropping) a hero.

The game may end in several ways: the most common is the Zulu entering the enclosure, as already in advance, meaning that the player has lost. Alternatively, remove all English Zulu regiments. The third way to finish the game is when the “Column relief” letter is at the end of the deck appears. At that time, the player has points that may have been gathered or lose based on a scale to determine which side has won and his margin of victory (may be less, epic, tie, etc).

Game Type Strategy, Wargame
Recommended Age +12 years
Language English
Players 1 Player
Game Time 25-35 minutes
Difficulty Medium


Purpose and preparation of Libertalia

The goal is simply to be the richest pirate. For three rounds, we will plunder other ships for the purpose of Libertalia. To do this, we will have games lasting 60 minutes, two to six players.

Before starting the game, each player will choose a pirate, with their respective crew. The youngest player shuffle their character cards and steal nine cards. After saying aloud the rank and name of these cards, the other players will look at their decks those letters and, with them, make up a mallet.

Then each of us will randomly select one of the tabs crew. Also we will take the den, which will serve to make the cards drawn to the game, scoring marker and thirty letters of the corresponding color. In addition, each receive ten doubloons. The rest will be left in the bank. Now, each player places his den and his letters before him.

Booty chips will be introduced in the bag to mix. So six tabs catch by each player who has in the game and placed in the hollow intended. You can now start the game, for which we must take account of the character cards and letters of special actions.

Libertalia, board
Libertalia, board

Characters cards and special cards

Character cards represent the different members of the crew, with different skills, names and ranks
. In turn, some will be more important than others. Furthermore, special cards, whose actions are required to perform, are associated with a particular time that may be used. These cards are divided into Day, Sunset, Night and New Tomorrow.

Actions under Day and Sunset, can be resolved only once per game, which is when the character comes into play. The first will be resolved in order of increasing range, while Twilight is resolved in descending order.

Evening special actions will be resolved during the night of each shift, as its name suggests, provided the character with the special action is in the lair of the player. The End of Campaign will be resolved only once per game, when the end of the campaign in which the character has come into play only if it is still present in the lair of the player at the end of the campaign.

Libertalia, cards
Libertalia, cards

How to play Libertalia

As we explained, each game will consist of three rounds. For each of them, we must solve six days of looting. These rounds will sack long special stages except the end of season stocks, but adding a resting phase at the end of the three previous rounds, where we’ve gotten wealth will be distributed.

Our level of wealth is obtained by adding the loot they have more doubloons our guard. The chests are obtained doubloons worth five, three jewels and goods of one. Finally, sets of three maps we have twelve doubloons worth, but it will only add them in threes. That is, if we get one or two loose, not counted.

Meanwhile, not all objects added riches because there are cursed relics that will make us lose three doubloons. In addition, sabers and Spanish officials have no value. The sum of all the doubloons during the three rounds of play will dictate the winner of the game.

Libertalia, components
Libertalia, components
Game Type Strategy,Card Game
Recommended Age +10 years
Language English
Players 2 – 6 Players
Game Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Medium

Descent 2e: Lair of the Wyrm

Expansion: Descent 2e: Lair of the Wyrm

The treacherous Serpent Queen Valyndra has awakened from its slumber and freed their heinous hybrid minions to burn and loot at will. His thirst for gold has pulled out of his lair, and now is the turn of a few brave heroes to destroy his cruel servants and return to his lair!

Adds even more adventures all your campaigns in the second edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark with the Serpent’s Lair.This expansion of Descent 2e: Lair of the Wyrm, introduces new heroes, classes, monsters, adventure and much more!

Descent. Lair of the Wyrm, tabs
Descent. Lair of the Wyrm, tabs

Heroes can now discover secret rooms and investigate suspicious rumors as the Supreme Lord is equipped with new cards and try to ally with a new and lethal lieutenant: Valyndra, Queen Tiller!

Requires Descent (Second Edition) 1: Journeys in the Dark


Amazon (83€)

Embark on an epic quest against an ancient evil …

An ambitious Supreme Lord gathers his minions in the darkest depths of Terrinoth, preparing to besiege the surface world. Only a group of gifted heroes of great courage and to have any hope of saving the region from the icy clutches of the tyrant. It is time to venture into the darkness and thwart the nefarious plans of the Supreme Lord before it is too late …

Descent, tabs
Descent, tabs

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) is a board game for groups of 2-5 players. One assumes the role of the evil overlord, and the other controlled courageous heroes. During each game heroes they undertake dangerous adventures deep into caves, ancient ruins, dark dungeons and cursed forests. Along the way they will face monsters, accumulate wealth and seek to thwart the evil plans of the Supreme Lord.

This second edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark board includes modular pieces of double-sided endless combinations of heroes and skills and surround a campaign argument that will carry the heroes to an epic fantasy world which will unite forces against an ancient evil.

Descent, tabs board
Descent, tabs board

The legacy of the first installment of Descent: Journeys in the Dark is developed with this new edition, which reinvents the classic experience with an epic campaign system simple rules to represent highly dynamic tactical battles. Over a series of exciting adventures with a strong story component, our heroes must accumulate power and experience in order to prepare for the grand finale game against the wily Supreme Lord. But besides that, including any mission it can also be enjoyed as a separate item only.

Descent, tabs
Descent, tabs

With 39 miniatures, over 200 letters, almost 50 pieces of board and more, Descent: Journeys in the Dark is the perfect game for unlimited adventures!

Second and improved edition

The first edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, designed by Kevin Wilson, has been one of the most popular titles for almost ten years; He has redefined the genre of dungeon exploration and put the bar very high in terms of game mechanics and quality components. The improved second edition continues this tradition of excellence.

Descent traditional enthusiasts will find in it a new way to enjoy your favorite classic; while a new generation of fans thanks to the exciting tactical style and captivating narrative will capture.

But you’re a newcomer or a veteran in these conflicts, no doubt you will appreciate the second edition with new heroes and monsters, optimized its rules, the system of class-based characters, the campaign game, and more!

The new rules focus on what’s important

From simplifying the line of sight to the agility of the preparations for each meeting, the second edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark offers a gaming experience as tense as satisfactory with minimal waiting time. The defense dice attenuate the tendency to excessive stones in the attacks, and to raise shorter adventures with abundant natural interludes have managed to adapt the game to all kinds of groups. And what’s more, since all parameters needed effects include statements and conveniently described in their letters, you do not even need to make the policy manual box to play!

For all this, coupled with the intuitive new mechanics to control the vile powers of the Supreme Lord, the new edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark offers the same degree of tactical challenge than its predecessor, while it is more affordable than ever . Instead of accumulating chips Threat to spend on traps, minions and other tricks for heroes, the Supreme Lord can play cards from your hand if you meet their basic conditions. Draw cards each turn, add them to your hand and use them when it suits you!

Create the perfect character classes included eight

The selection process and creating characters in the second edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark gives players needed to build in a short time a group of adventurers perfectly suited to his style of play tools.

Each player begins by choosing from one of four archetypes: Mage, Warrior, Ranger, or Healer. Each archetype includes several classes that offer different game experiences even within the same archetype. If you choose to be a warrior, you assume the role of the brave knight, to physically protect their weaker peers? Or maybe you play as the formidable Berserker to open a bloody furrow between the enemy ranks?

Descent, cards
Descent, cards

And with the experience improved system of the second edition you have full control over the development of your character. Each class has its own deck of cards of skill, and take the path your hero to greatness is as simple as choosing your starting skills. As you gain experience in the campaign included in the basic box, you’ll invest in acquiring additional skills that complement the capabilities of your adventurer. For example, if you have chosen the Warrior archetype and the Berserker class, you could specialize in eliminating multiple enemies at once, or maybe you prefer to be able to deliver devastating blows to individual fighters. These and many other options are those that make the system fast and intuitive character of the second edition of Descent.

Embark on a dangerous campaign against evil

The new edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark has an exciting themed campaign that confronts the greatest heroes of Terrinoth with the mysterious conspiracies Supreme Lord. When the heroes reach the idyllic old barony of Rhynn, they find it besieged by a vast horde of fierce monsters and black magic. Can they uncover the real horrors that lie behind the alarming inroads?

This campaign consists of many meetings that can be played as individual experiences or as part of a series of adventures interrelated rules that allow you to adjust the items to any number of players. And not only that: the arc of the campaign varies depending on the successes and failures of the adventurers! Did you manage to get out alive from the dungeon, but you could not complete some vital goal? Your failure would have strengthened an enemy that still desconocéis, or maybe you deprive yourself of a chance in the future (although do not therefore cease to gain experience points). The plot follows a brilliant design branches, and gripping narrative of encounters fosters a genuine feeling that your decisions have an impact in a fantasy world … one whose only hope is you.

Summon your favorite heroes of past adventures

Want to use your favorite heroes and monsters from the first edition of Descent? Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Conversion Kit contains everything you need.

This top box is an indispensable tool that contains all the letters of monsters and heroes produced to date for the first edition (yes, including promotional!), All compatible with the second. So whether you want to take your collection of Descent for new adventures, as if you have a weakness for a hero and you always prefer to use it, we have all your needs met.

Is Descent new to you?

Below is a brief summary of the game for those unfamiliar with Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

This popular adventure game and dungeon exploration, one player acts as the Supreme Lord; its purpose is to frustrate the attempts of the heroes by using a deck of special cards. Each of the other players control a hero and must join forces to complete the goals set by the stage. The description of this scenario also determines the placement of the board, which is constructed by combining modular pieces to create a different dungeon in each game.

In a world where dangers lurk behind every corner, combat is a must. For these meetings, the second edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark uses an exclusive system by given resolution.

Players meet their dice depending on the skills and weapons of the characters; each die booking attack brings different qualities. The increases, special symbols that appear in most of the dice, also allow the use of special effects to make the most of the attacks. And given the horrors that await you in the basement, you may receive any advantage that is within …

Terrinoth underground galleries are infested with dreadful henchmen of the Supreme Lord eager to end your epic. However, the Supreme Lord has not only monsters displayed on the board; also includes reinforcements for his army. If no heroes are careful, they could be overwhelmed by its enemies.

Are you ready for venturing into dungeons and crypts Terrinoth? Form up your group and make common front to the minions of the Supreme Lord!

Game Type Adventure,Dice,Expansion,Exploration,Fantasy,Fighting,Miniatures
Recommended Age +14 years
Language English
Players 2 – 5 Players
Game Time 60-120 minutes
Difficulty Medium

Settlers of Catan

Any fan of games think I must have played at least once a settler, maybe not the best game in the world, but when you start to get him a taste of this world and what most played is at Risk, Monopoly and all those games that can be found in any supermarket, find this little gem in the meantime mud is a joy.
It is based on the construction and trade between game players.

Settlers of Catan, box
Settlers of Catan, box

The island of Catan:

Well, that, that is? For the idea of the game is very simple, each player represents a civilization, explorers, adventurers and settlers, as you like to call more arriving to the island of Catan, these settlers, they have to expand to this, the island It has the necessary materials for the construction of roads, villages and cities. The first settler to get expanded more than their opponents will be the winner.

Settlers of Catan, board
Settlers of Catan, board

Without going into the explanation of rules for these materials that enable the expansion of our settlers, the island has its own land from which we draw: rocks, wheat, wood, clay and sheep. In order to collect these issues, the game consists of a system which I consider quite original but that also depends performed with dice a little chance.

The land above have a numbered tiles above them, at the beginning of the turn, the player throws the dice, the value obtained by the dice and the towns or cities that are adjacent to a field with the value obtained by the dice is checked produces raw materials. In this way we will accumulate the necessary materials to build our roads, towns and cities take us to victory.

Settlers of Catan, cards
Settlers of Catan, cards

Aside from the construction, there are also a part of trade between players will give us the point of interactivity between players will give us laughter and healthy piques.


In my opinion, the game components are very care, all of good quality and beautiful.

Settlers of Catan, dices
Settlers of Catan, dices

The board is thick cardboard, the pictures without being too ornate, fulfill their function clearly differentiate the various fields. Roads, towns and cities are hard plastic, are interesting details and are quite care. The letters are small, good quality too. The box comes with a plastic grafts inside to keep everything well organized, so we will not have all the components lying inside the box or taking them to store in zip bags.

Settlers of Catan, tabs
Settlers of Catan, tabs


  • A very good start eurogames for beginners.
  • Trade between players is one of the most fun parts of the game, you will remember always the bastard who did not want canviarte your wool for its wheat so you could complete a city and win the game.
  • For all audiences, they can play people of all ages.
  • The map can always be different and we can put the land and their numbering at will or randomly.


  • The luck of the dice is quite decisive factor, although it is true that you can leave any value, as you start the game badly and stay locked up, forget about winning that game.
  • The first games are great, but after discovering other deeper games may not see much table.
  • With the maximum number of players, in this case 4, it is likely to occur as mentioned in the first point, a player get stuck and just be a mere observer of the rest of the game.
Game Type Civilization, Negotiation
Recommended Age +10 years
Language English
Players 3 – 4 Players
Game Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Medium

Neuroshima Hex!

First of all say that despite what I may like this game and how fast they are their games, so far I could only taste a tiny part of the whole menu that offers this game. We are facing a great little game.

His background is post-apocalyptic based on an RPG published by Portal called Neuroshima, this is the tool of combat that was created for a reduced time to resolve the skirmishes own RPG, apparently I worked so well that they decided to publish it. The story: After the Apocalypse humans who survived fled to the cities, while a huge cybernetic body took shape, an army of machines coming from the north patrol the remains of our civilization chasing humans, these divided struggle between whether for food, fuel, territory …

The game mechanics

The game mechanics is very robust, the most robust I’ve tried, and it has another quality that combines many features from other games, in an explosive combination. After speaking with several players, some reminded a card game, players tournament, reminded a draft, others reminded a tactical wargame, others to a game of miniatures. Part of his success is due to that than like many types of players of very different tastes. It can therefore like a wargamer as a eurogamer as a americantrasher, whereby these labels hatred and what use.

The characteristics of mechanical despite appearing to have picked up here and there, it gives you the impression of playing in a collection, and instead is quite original, it is very visual, intuitive, dynamic although we speak a tactical wargame, exempt dice, their random part is the hand of cards that touch you, but it is controllable with house rules and then explain.

The game modes are varied, fight to the death, in plan last one standing, wrestling team, scoring 20 combat damage, is a wargame, how does it work best? Well, according to taste, a wargamero maybe likes the fight 1vs1 or in pairs or teams, eurogamer liked to score more without removal? All this based on tag-based I hate prejudice. My impression is that the multiplayer very well hold up to 5, 6 or 7 players according to the creators, I read that played up to 8 players, but as happens all the more turn-based games players are harder departure, less controllable loses some of its charm, I think a solution for many couples is to do team players in teams of two.

Neuroshima Hex box
Neuroshima Hex box

Description of the components

Let us turn to the description of the components, it is a small board, instructions and chips. There are two types of tiles, board sheets are divided into: headquarters, modules and soldiers; And then there are the chips of action. The modules provide bonus on board the soldiers, which can be initiative, damage from a distance or close combat. Immediate action sheets, played to take effect without placed on the board.
The soldiers have features like ranged or close combat, armor, initiative and endurance, but can include tokens own immediate action skills, modules add their bonus to those features, provided they are connected to them. The most common actions are the movement, the fight and push.

Neuroshima Hex tabs
Neuroshima Hex tabs

The sequence of play

Each turn three tabs shown to all players steal, first rule out, with the other two decide if you play unfold on the board or guardians, knowing that if you keep a tab, the next only you steal turn up to have three, so it is advisable to play and not save yourself a lot.

The fighting began in two ways when the small board is full, or when a form of immediate action combat is played. This is simultaneous and begins tabs major initiative to lowest, when they play the zero initiative continued where he had left rotation.

Neuroshima Hex board
Neuroshima Hex board

Who wins?

The victory achieved by the game system that we select, which destroys the headquarters of another twenty barracks damage support in qualifying so I do not make the first twenty damage to enemy headquarters.

The board is small so that there is no time for speculation, is not a game will be diplomatic, you coward, I’ll take back these kill and then I come and win. From the first moment to the last must be dividing, or thinking and give the other where it hurts, in the headquarters of course, but sometimes question of dismantling the move the other.

The system is robust and rules Aguata home, home hosts, without going clear, I would add the hidden game, showing no bone chips, increase hand 5 tabs, allowing 2 saved to make more combos

As a negative point: The default have told me, they find you is that when you open and destrónquelas, gives you a feeling of mini-game. Let leftover box, but I take a walk after the BGG and see all the free stuff, the print and play, the editors of Hosts, redesigned official armies, the events for fans, 2 free campaigns etc. I can think on the contrary I need cash.

Game Type Fighting, Science Fiction, Strategy Games
Recommended Age +10 years
Language English
Players 2 – 4 Players
Game Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Medium



Today we review one of those games with tradition, falling stand in any group. We refer, as is obvious from the title of the entry Munchkin.

Munchkin box

Munchkin is an original title of Steve Jackson, the famous American designer, who was born around the year 2000. The author of other games, like Illuminati or Zombie says, has built its reputation especially with the title in hand, that since come out to the market, it has been commissioned to squeeze the maximum pulling Arabian versions (something similar to what happened with Uwe Rosenberg Bohnanza but exaggerated).

Sure everyone ever wanted to dive into a spectacular game of role, which take the role of a character that makes epic feats. But when most mortals we see that one of these items is usually recoil, it does not seem as spectacular as the idea that would have formed in our mind. Well, Munchkin comes to fill that gap of players who want to participate in a game of role but seems too cumbersome because of all the paraphernalia involved. A card game and a simple and dynamic mechanics that take a group of brave to venture into the dungeon to kill all kinds of monsters. But in addition also we have to annoy our colleagues to stand up with the victory. What more could you ask for?

Munchkin box

As a curious note, the name of the game is the term given to those role players to create characters with unique and powerful features making use of the nooks and gaps in regulations, an idea that takes the game as the basis for development.

In Spain, the game is published by Edge Enterntaiment, as amended, at a suggested retail price of 19.95 €. Allows consignments of 3-8 players with an average duration of about 90 minutes per game. The issue that is in my little toy library is the former which is in the market, and which I will outline. Which is available now contains some more components, but essentially the game is pretty much the same.

Important: If you already know the game and / or you just ask me about it, you can go directly to section Opinion. The Content and Mechanical paragraphs are intended especially to those unfamiliar with the game and prefer to get a general idea of ​​how it works.


In a box of standard dimensions in which card games are concerned (19.5 x 10.5 x 3.5 cm.)

  • 100 letters Dungeon
  • 68 treasure cards
  • 1 six-sided die (Bakelite)
  • 1 rule
Munchkin content
Munchkin content


Munchkin is a card game where you take the role of a character that is inserted into a dungeon to try to become the greatest adventurer of all who form the group. To do this we must defeat the monsters that we get ahead, get treasures and gain experience.

Basic concepts

In Munchkin there are certain concepts that should be very clear to enjoy the game.

On the one hand we have the character to embody. This character has a set of attributes that will vary throughout the game. The first and most important is the level of experience that go with markers indicating some sort (not included in the game). Our character will start with a level 1 (will never be less than this) and can reach level 10. Our character will also be of a certain race (initially we will be an ordinary human-mill), but throughout the game can be Dwarf , Medium, Elf or even a mixture of any of the above. Also, your character may belong to a class. Initially we not belong to any, but throughout the game we can be Warrior, Cleric, Thief or Magician. Both races and classes give special abilities to the character.

Munchkin races cards
Munchkin races cards

We have two types of cards in the game. On the one hand we have the letters dungeon (with a picture of a wooden door on the back). In it we can find monsters, curses, events, races and guilds. Monsters indicate a certain level of strength, certain conditions which arise in the battle, and what happens if we defeat the monster. They also indicate how many hidden treasures. Curses and events indicate the effect applied to be played. On the other hand we treasure letters (with a picture of a treasure on the back). They find objects (which may be single-use or permanent) indicating the effect applied should be played, and a value in coins.

And a little more.

Preparation of the Game

As in any game of cards, preparation of the game is very simple:

  1. Two decks (the letters dungeon and the Treasure cards) are shuffled and placed on the table.
  2. Each player is dealt four cards in each deck.
  3. 10 markers per player for levels (not included in the game, so we’ll have something we can use for this purpose) are prepared.
  4. Each player one marker indicating that begins with a level 1 character is placed.

And we are ready to start.

Development of the Game

The game is played by each player playing rounds following the direction of clockwise. The player in each round will:

  1. Open a door to the dungeon. Draw a card from the dungeon and shows the other players. If it’s a monster card, the player must fight the (discussed below as the fighting are resolved). If it is a curse, it falls on the player. If a letter otherwise, it can be played immediately or put in hand.
  2. For trouble. If the previous letter was not a monster, you can play one of our hand and face him.
  3. Loot the room. If we want to do the above (that is, that first stole a letter and this was not a monster and do not want / can play a monster on our hands), steal another card from the dungeon, this time in secret, and place them directly in our hand.
  4. Charity. At the end of the round you can only have five cards in hand. If we have more, we have to give away the surplus the player with the lowest level. If there is a tie, they should be distributed as evenly as possible (without taking into account the effect of the letters). If we who have lower level, they are discarded.
Munchkin cards
Munchkin cards

Let us resolve the fighting. To fight a monster combat forces of both contenders are measured. The strength of the monster is the one indicated on the chart (the level of the monster). Our fighting force will be our current level plus all the changes that produce items that your character carries equipped. If the sum total of our fighting force is higher than the monster, this is defeated. If it is equal to or less we will have to flee.

If the monster is defeated, you automatically go up a level (even two if the monster is very powerful), and take the treasures kept (stealing treasure many cards as indicated by the monster card).

During the course of combat you can also play cards that affect the strength of our monster or fight, as well as letters that automatically defeat the same. Note that if the monster is not killed, not level or even climb could not lead or treasures. Nor can we modify our equipment in the development of combat. When the monster card appears we face, we will do with the current equipment.

If our fighting force is not enough to defeat the monster, we can ask for help from one of our partners. If a player decides to lend assistance, the fighting force will join ours. If you defeat the monster between the two players, only increase of level the player faced the initially monster, but certainly for the second player lend us help prompted receive some compensation (a part of the treasures achieved after the victory). Monster capabilities apply to both players (if the monster somehow affects any race and it is our partner, this will be affected while we do not).

Munchkin monsters cards
Munchkin monsters cards

Since it was found to defeat the monster until we are declared winners, you must allow an interval of time set in the curious figure of 2.6 seconds to allow our enemies colleagues involved in it. The other players may participate in combat in several ways: by launching a letter-only use (either on the player or the monster), playing a card to improve / worsen the monster, playing a monster wandering (will add another monster fighting also will have to defeat), stabbing treachery if the player is a thief or throwing a curse.

As we said, if we do not defeat the monster, we must escape. To do so will throw the dice. If we take 5 or 6, we escape. With a value of 1 to 4 we will be hit by the monster (objects, races and classes can modify these values). If we run, the monster is discarded. If we reached, we apply the effect indicated on the card, the Bad Stuff. If two players are involved in combat and have to flee, they flee each. If we are fleeing from multiple monsters, will have to make a roll for each one (indicating that monster belongs to each shot). Escape or we are struck by the monster, this is finally discarded.

If our character perish lose everything except our race and class as well as 1 level. The rest of levels that we had are removed and will post our letters (which are at stake and our hands) on the table, starting with the highest level player, each player takes a card (and only one) of the we have lost. It may not have letters for all. Our character revives then no cards (could help in fighting). When we return to play, steal 4 cards (2 treasure dungeon and 2) and can play any card of race, class or object before stealing the first letter dungeon.

End Game

The end of the game takes place in the time when either player reaches level 10 experience with his character, being the winner.

Personal opinion

I have mixed feelings with this game. Le I have a special affection because it was one of the first to arrive at my small collection (then very small) as a gift from my colleagues in Barcelona.

Munchkin treasurs cards
Munchkin treasurs cards

The mechanics is dynamic enough to discurran heading steadily and laughter (especially by stabbing and betrayals that follow incessantly), while it is true that the first time you read the rules there is some confusion. In fact, I had to print a flowchart me there by the network in which the steps to be followed in each shift is very clear. Until we learn the mechanics, it is almost essential, then, for me, the regulation is worded somewhat chaotic, leaving important details that are slated to be explained at a certain time for subsequent paragraphs, so that we are not a good idea mechanics until we have played many times.

However, in my opinion it is a game that is aimed at a very specific type of player: an active, imaginative, with great sense of humor and a big dose of bad baba player. If all participants are more or less of these features, the game will surely be a good experience. If instead the players move away from this model of participant, the game will be bland and boring. As you said a companion, seems focused on roleros players to have something to entertain themselves while waiting are all design. A hobby than competitive game leaves much to be desired.

And this game depends heavily on the interaction between players. If all go to slaughter, trying to annoy as much as possible the rest, the game will become a series of personal vendettas chain. If, however, the players are engaged in going about their business, the game will run without any grace. The truth is that the final rounds, in which players have characters with high levels are strained and the level of evil increases unsuspected, trying everything possible to annoy the player who is about to win.

The work of John Kovalic is magnificent. To be a card game and with relatively simple designs, these, together with the hilarious descriptions of the cards have a great charisma that will make us enjoy simply flipping through the various letters that appear throughout the game.

Munchkin playing
Munchkin playing

regardless of the topic of the players, the black point is certainly important theme bookmarks. So much cost include a bag of chips parchís type? I’m not saying markers and quality of wood or other materials. Nope. We are looking for life. Chickpeas, lentils or first thing you pilles. I ended up buying a couple of bags of colored markers, which could be very fashionable to decorate vases later. Furthermore the box is very fair. Being a game of cards, they should be sheathed if we want the game to survive the passage of time and the games. For once sheathed (standard case), insert the small ditch next to close the box properly. Even without the insert goes the complicated thing. It seems incredible that publishers do not take into account the needs of its customers. It is true that when you start in this business does not usually pay much attention to the issue of conservation, but as you increase your playroom begins by trying to keep this setting as the first day of each game. At least in this case the cards are a decent weight, so with standard cases (as I said I have put myself) would suffice.

In short, Munchkin develops an idea that obviously has been in operation long (hence the number of expansions and spin-off arising), and that allows us to “simulate” roleplaying games without all the hassle normally associated. If your group games competitive players abound, and who enchants fun trolling, this game should be in your playroom. But it is normal that the items on forever until exhaustion for that focus effect against going further dependence winning chance when managing hand. For all this I give him a … FAIL.

Game Type Card Game, Fantasy, Fighting, Humor
Recommended Age +10 years
Language English
Players 2 – 4 Players
Game Time 150 minutes
Difficulty High

Fortress America

With this premise worthy of Red Dawn or the context of 2013 Escape from LA, we find a classic eighties ameritrash (sorry if the term offends someone) re-edited and enhanced for today, Fortress America.

And if the invaders conquered enough US cities, fall nationwide. But if the United States can protect their cities long enough, the invading forces will end the invasion … more yankee and eighties, impossible.

The invaders players have a limited number of troops used to conquer 18 key cities in the USA before they have time to reorganize.

Hand this time from Fantasy Flight Games have a box filled with good quality plastic (of course), with your futuristic helicopters and tanks, and a nice dash in my opinion, simple lines that remind me somehow of the film, War Games.

Fortress America - board area
Ready to invade!

The invaders players have a limited number of troops used to conquer 18 key cities in the USA before they have time to reorganize. The Americans, with their scattered forces across the country must rely on reinforcements to grab organize local militias and its huge and powerful laser cannons to defend their nation.

Fortress America - troops
These rudders on your Stealth bomber are very cool, but do little to be invisible to radar …

Bad points to note, the wait between each turn of the invaders.

Simple combat system and given enough time to wait between each invader player, the game fulfills everything you might expect from a game of this genre, pure fun, some strategy and chance, much chance.

On our departure Las Vegas managed to resist until almost the end of the game, delaying the advance of Asian (perhaps quedasen playing the slot) in a sample of what a dice game with many mechanics without controlling somewhat chance can do with your finely planned strategy. Finally the USA capitulated after a series of attacks and counter attacks unfortunate (for the US) on the east coast.

Fortress America - troops
Detail troops

The rules are simple, the issue really unusual and I particularly funny, clean fun unpretentious, it’s not a game for every day, but a game from time to time may be healthy, includes some optional rules to give a little more strategic direction and to the invading powers not earn block.

Highlights bad, the wait between each turn of the invaders, the player controlling the US not rest, but the rest can go take a somewhat between each of their turns, which makes it difficult to stay focused and makes the game you go over three hours.

In Fortress America, America must defend three deadly invading armies: Asian Alliance Pueblo West, the South Central Federation and the Euro-Socialist Pact East. Players assume the role of the United States, trying to protect themselves from foreign threat, or the role of one or more of the invading armies, fighting in a spectacular battle to acquire important territories.

If the invading forces conquered enough US cities, the US defense breaks and falls the nation. But if the United States can protect their cities long enough, the invading forces fail and your raid is over.

It includes over 300 detailed plastic miniatures.

Game Type Wargame, Science Fiction
Recommended Age +12 years
Language English
Players 2 – 4 Players
Game Time 150 minutes
Difficulty High

Dungeon Petz

The same story of the game Dungeon Petz, and we will put in situation so that we leave finding that this time everything will be somewhat different.

To mark the closing of dungeons and the same alienated of imps makers exploit its clock resources, small minds are operated and some of them have bright business ideas. In this case, the magnificent idea is to mount a pet store, to sell to the lords of the dungeons. An innovative, original and anyone else in the city it has happened, except for the 3 other pet stores that have opened idea.

The damage is done and the monopoly has lost just the start of the business. Now the only thing left to do is to try to impose other stores, making your pets are happier, better nourished and more awards at exhibitions, plus the most valued by customers.

Dungeon Petz - Pets
Cthulie, Trolitín, Nibbler, Serpelina, Sable Rabbit teeth … They are good people!I love you all!

With this original approach, the game could not be less.

Not easy to classify, is board because you have them. It is of cards, because the have and is … pets because you have them.

From 2-4 players, as best pet store in town will be played. This is achieved by building a store more attractive than the others, for the quality of their cages and improvements, their artifacts, the number of pets, health, mood and health of these and winnings from exhibitions, to name only some options.

One thing that is mandatory to mention is the good presentation and appearance of the game. The artwork on the cover, manual and components, are very very detailed. They are colorful, elaborate, original and sympathetic. In fact, the author, Vlaada Chvátil says that when he was developing the game, already had in mind that his illustrator would Cochard, which was a success.

In addition to the illustrations, the game brings a lot of parts and very good quality. Special pets, that are connected in a system that allows the turning mediated going to evolve, showing ahead mascot itself and behind an egg, which are supposed to be before leaving the game references.

In summary, a large quantity and quality of components. Go preparing seat at the table.

Dungeon Petz - Imps
Go family to start a business …

The rules are fun to read, well explained and with good examples, but are not easy. Without reaching a complexity that makes it inaccessible, it is true that the game will require a good read and a couple of games to get his mechanical looseness.

Certainly worth investing the time, because once you learn, play is amazing. But, it’s not a game that we can play well anything else premiere and is not suitable for removing at a meeting of friends who do not know, which is typical of getting a game is done, explain over and go play on the underway. You will enjoy much of it, but first you’ll have to spend some time to learn.

Thinking that some players could see overwhelmed by the number of concepts have been added to screens player, a summary of the phases per round, types of cards in the game, consequences of not covering well the needs, etc.

Finally as to the rules, commenting that although the game is initially thought to 4 players, is perfectly suited for 2 or 3 players, by including a different and distinct exceptions board.

Dungeon Petz - player screen
Our player screen allows us to manage our store, while reminding us a quick glance some of the most important rules of the game

In mechanics, although the game has nothing to do, might remember a little Caylus or Age of Empires 3, in the sense that the board is divided into zones, which allow us to do different actions in our turn. These things, like buying pets, food or artifacts may do if we put our peons (in this case imp) in the appropriate boxes. Players will have access to them according to whether or not occupied by rival imps and priority for each player to place, will be according to their number has been previously assigned to each group.

In this way the players take turns in performing actions that make up each of the 5 or 6 rounds that make up the consignment, as the number of players.

Dungeon Petz - board area
According to the board area in which we place our imps, we will have at our disposal a stock

Once we begin to buy pets, we will be giving us aware of the great responsibility involved in their maintenance. Each will have a range of needs, which we will have to cover and that will grow as the pet gets older. These needs are grouped in color and have to irlas satisfying as the cards we assign to each animal in our turn. These cards can be hunger, magic, anger or romp and according to the assignments, we have to feed them, keep mutate, retain them in their cages, entertain them, etc. Being unable to meet the assigned requirements, will have consequences of all kinds, such as having to go hungry, sick, sadden, mute, soiling, etc. Totally what Tamagotchi.

These negative effects on pets also have their impact at the time of exhibiting and / or sell them, since no (or almost no) will be interested in an animal knackered.

During rounds, they will uncovering exhibitions and customers that we only positively valued aspects of your pets, but what penalize not like.

In this sense, the game is very carefully worked, since the types of display and customers really stuck with the type of pet you want. An example of display, could be “Battlefield”, in which pets will be valued more letters fury assigned and client example would be the “girl of the dungeon” which assessed over an animal with which play and to feed, which is very consistent with his personality, factors that give strategic depth to the game.

These exhibits and sales which will be allowing players accumulate points during the game. But one can not relax even has an advantage, because in the end, there will be a double exhibition in which other aspects are measured and could turn around the net.

Dungeon Petz - Needs cards
Assign needs is very nice, but be prepared to meet it or suffer the consequences


Dungeon Petz is a highly recommended game. It is not too suitable for casual gamers who want something quick and not want to eat the coconut, but it will be a joy for those who enjoy a working, strategic and fun game, even during the learning phase.

During the hour and a half which usually lasts a game, you’re totally into the game, thinking where to throw, because there will always be enough variables to choose from and you have to make decisions.

In that sense, it is a very strategic game, although sometimes the pets come with unexpected needs and you have to get by improvising or even change your plans. This unpredictability is given by a fair dose of chance in making cards.

As if this were not enough, there will be more items like potions, manure, henchmen, artifacts, etc., that will give great depth to the game.

Yea affection is designed title from its setting up his mechanics, through its visual appearance and quality of components, which amply justify its PVP (about 45 euros), compared to other titles of similar category shows.

For my taste, it is a display of humor and originality that well worth having in our collection.

Dungeon Petz - board of progress
The board of progress, exhibits and displays customers in the following rounds, allowing us to start preparing our strategy

Curiosities and tips

– It is vital, providing the description of the Cthulie pet:
The devils tried to invoke once a “Terrible Nightmare Primordial Chaos”. Just once. Then came Cthulie: jumping, giving licking and doing their needs in a corner of the staff. Imps realized they already had enough chaos.

– For those who want to downplay the chance, at the time of draw cards, they have included a series of double letters, which allow many more possibilities. It greatly reduces the frustration of them touch unfavorable letters and can not do anything. A success.

– In the rules, for the explanation of pets for sale to customers based on their affinity with them, a kind of exercise in mathematical problem arises plan to see if you have understood the explanation. This has led me very curious and very useful. In addition the solution is just below, but the reverse. It is a nice touch.

– Initial joke: starts the player who most recently fed to your pet. My cat Doc, want to formally thank the Chvátil the inclusion of this rule, as it is fed on time just before each game.

It is a good game, funny, mechanical of workplacement. It is a puzzle where you will have to prepare to sell your pet best customers as they arrive.

The mechanics are very well integrated into the theme of the game, good compenentes and a very good price. For 40 quite plastic, cardboard, letters …

With the operating rules may be one of the most original, fun and better explained.

The only “catch” I put him is that the brain burns you, this is a medium game, not a carcassonne. You have to be taking tough decisions, in fact the game is designed so you can not always do felicies your animals.

Game Type Fantasy and Humor
Recommended Age +12 years
Language English
Players 2 – 4 Players
Game Time 90 minutes
Difficulty High


He has also had the ability to be one of those games that do not go out of fashion. Perhaps because there is virtually rules to learn, because it is visually pleasing, because raw creativity above all else … Do not know exactly what it is, but it’s a game that often ends up taking at meetings of friends.

Given its length and simplicity, are not talking about a game that itself will fill an afternoon of games, but after playing to a more hardcore or from one to another, is perfect to unwind for a while, forget complexities and focus on creativity.

About content

The set comes beautifully presented in materials, but its real strength is certainly the illustrations.

Although we use a very funny box-score for counting points bunnies our wooden figures, the essential in this game are the cards.

Dixit bunnies
The solution of using the insert as a scoreboard, is the most showy

The deck consists of 84 large cards well, so we can observe the illustrations in detail. These great and colorful illustrations, drawn by Marie Cardouat are the basis of the game and even having enough color and representing many nice items, not without a touch of melancholy.

These contain a series of scenes, objects, people, etc, which have in principle nothing to do in a letter to another. Most of them do not represent isolated elements, but a group of them forming a kind situations.

I get the impression that Marie had enough in mind what I wanted to represent each, since in more than one card, you can glimpse an intention. You should talk to her, but I would say almost all are metaphorical. Otherwise, we would be talking about surrealism worthy of Monty Python, because they are extraordinary and combine elements that have little to do with each other.

In any case how amazing this game is that it is extremely subjective and each card has infinite interpretations, depending on what comes into your head when everyone sees it.

You’d better talk a bit about the mechanics who does not know and so elaborate and then counting Dixit why I think such a fun game.

Dixit cards
Marie Cardouat illustrations are little works of art

How’s it going?

The mechanics are very simple. Once shuffled deck, 6 letters given to each player, you will need to keep them secret.

In each round, one player will be responsible for placing one of his letters, saying the phrase you choose for her. This is where is the essence of the game.

To begin with, we must clarify that say “phrase” call it that, but it can be any word or even song, which we believe can help identify the letter say. In this sense the game is super creative.

Example to see which is easier to understand than to explain: We have the letter that represents the wooden puppet (third from the previous photo) and could say Pinocchio as a clue. This would help any player knew perfectly identify that card, but can be well done? NO, because the key to the game is that your card is identified, but are not as obvious as to find out what everyone else.

In fact, if all find out your letter points lead and you do not, so we have to tune to only guess some and they and you, will bear valuable points.

Well, once the player has placed her face down on the table, which we will call “letter in progress” to understand better, the other players also bring one of his cards face down. Should make one think that might suggest to others that this phrase previously referred to this letter. Thus, some rivals will vote for it, thinking they are identifying the current chart.

Once letters provided all players are shuffled and given back, revealing his artwork. That is when each (less said the sentence) have to vote on the letter that you think most closely identified with the phrase that says the starting player. Obviously, you can not vote for yours.

Once voted the cards, the first player must reveal what was his.

Points that have been successful and the player takes, but only if you have not figured out worldwide. To hit all players or no initial score player loses and all but him. In addition to the points and wrongs will score players whose letters you have voted, if anyone has thought that was the current chart.

All cards played are discarded and re-distributing one each to get 6. Players take turns to say sentence and proceed in this way until the cards in the deck is exhausted and earns you the most points. It’s that easy.

When the cards are exhausted, scores indicated will look the bunnies. The foremost wins.


As I said, it’s a game that I never get tired of playing. I love the gameplay, in which more importance is given to the imagination than anything else. This coupled with a simple mechanics, it becomes a game very, very recommended for novice players to hardcore looking for a good filler.

The game is so subjective, leading to all sorts of games, as players participating. I mean, if at the meeting of friends who meet predominate moviegoers, surely there are many cards that are resolved by reference to film scenes. Same with series, video games, etc. Even out recurring themes. I think I’ve never played a game where you do not leave anything of Goku.

The group is also a determining factor to get more or less serious. Some plays considering the philosophical content of the letters or elude the feelings they evoke, etc. Although the game is very versatile in this respect according to the type of players, so we always ends up being a total joke. We even have a house rule that says “if you know that you can say something that makes laugh a lot to others, you must say even though you know you lose the round.”

The value is great (about 30 PVP), which coupled with the amount of fans of the game, what fun it is and the many awards he has won, making it a must have.

Finally, I have to comment on the issue of replayability. They are 84 cards with clearly identifiable drawings and in 2 or 3 games and we will have seen all, what do think that once cards seen the replay value is reduced. Well surprisingly it is the opposite. When you have seen or have used all the cards, you must be ingenious to say nothing like what was said earlier times and for me that gives an extra value. We will have to avoid saying anything that reminds phrases already used and that the other players would remember, putting it too easy to hit.

I play the basic Dixit, if any, mixing the cards with the Dixit Odyssey and we had just as well although we already know by heart. A success the Dixit that keeps coming in almost every meeting and insurance that it will continue.

Dixit components
Dixit components

Curiosities and tips

– Although as I said, the game is completely replayable, different expansions and editions, all compatible with each other, for those who want to extend it. It is always a pleasure to see new cards.

Danger! It is important to assess the situation somewhat heading to be unfair. Imagine that you and yours are very fond of, for example, video games and a person who is not interested in that topic is targeted that day. What’s up? Well, if you play it a lot, this person will have no choice and be bored by the subject. Do not forget that we play for fun, so I recommend measuring what is said adjusting it so that at one point, do not exclude anyone.

– Also related to the above. It is good to avoid saying things based on experiences, not everyone else know. If you say “what we ate in Brussels” because they know that only those who were on that trip and obviously earn points. According to the rules, this kind of thing is not illegal, but hey, who do things like this to win, is not made to Dixit and best to find another game.

– Although it is a super subjective view, for our usual group, this game is a constant laughter. Now comes a point where you simply turning over the cards on the table, we remember things we said about them and sometimes we die of laughter without opening your mouth. I recommend playing well. It is less elegant and metaphors, I’m almost certain that contain many illustrations are lost, but you take a very very horny while.

Game Type  Bluffing, Card game, Humor, Party game
Recommended Age
+8 years
Language German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish and Portuguese
Players 3 – 6 Players
Game Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Low

Mage Knight

Mage Knight: Board Game is set in the universe created for a fantasy game makes more than a decade by Wizkids publisher. This editorial is particularly famous for its line of HeroClix and original set of figures with rotating pedestals on which game statistics reflect. This time we are not facing a tactical game like games HeroClix miniatures line but with a fairly dense, brainy eurogame, not suitable for newcomers to the world of board games.

In Mage Knight players embody a powerful characters
Mage Knight character

In Mage Knight players embody a powerful characters sent to explore and conquer the Atlantean Empire. On your way you will find villages, monasteries, castles, warring orcs, wizards towers, dungeons, and more elements of a medieval fantasy universe. Mixing elements of board games with some touches of role, Mage Knight offers an experience similar to games like Runebound, but in my opinion the game at hand is far superior to the latter.

What comes in the box Mage Knight? Pretty, and all good quality.

Box Mage Knight
Box Mage Knight
  • Two panels, one to take the points of reputation and fame, and other printed two sides to indicate movement costs as day or night.
  • Two manuals, one regulation and another with the first game scenario and an introductory explanation of the rules.
  • Tile ground where the adventures of our Magic Knights will develop.
  • Several decks: the heroes, the advanced skills, spells, units that we can recruit, wound, summaries of the rules and tactics.
  • Tiles of different heroes to mark their scores, their level, their special abilities and their achievements on the board.
  • Tiles with different encounters and discoveries that we will find along the way: orcs, Draconum, castles, shrines, etc.
  • 4 figures of heroes painted and excellent workmanship.
  • 4 figures of town with HeroClix base type.
  • Given to indicate what kind of magic is available each turn.
  • Plastic figures representing crystals mana (magic).

The most important mechanics of Mage Knight is the construction of decks. Each hero starts with a deck of 16 cards, of which depends for its actions. During the game you will be adding cards to your deck, whether advanced skills, spells and powerful artifacts. So you can deal with the threats will encounter on your way, or the other players. Each card belongs to one or more types according to their effect: movement, combat, healing, influence or special. The guy who owns the letter will know by the text itself, but also by an icon appears in the upper left corner of all.

Combat card
Combat card
Movement card
Movement and attack card
Movement card
Movement card

The cards also have two possible effects. Which appears in the top half of the text box is the basic purpose of the letter, which will take place if we enhance the letter with manna from the color shown in the center of the frame, separating the two halves. If you use a mana point the effect to take place is the lower half, which is generally more powerful than the other, but sometimes there is a better effect with respect to the first, but another entirely.

Mage Knight playing
“Let’s see, I have three points of attack … With a red mana is five … I need ice blockade 6 or something healing … Mom!”

In his turn the player must plan what to do with the cards you have in hand. You may have enough movement points to reach the orcs, but do not have combat cards, so you must wait for the next turn to provoke and fight. Or you may have combat cards, but does not have enough movement. You may have points left over to heal influence in the village and recruit a unit of soldiers to assist him in combat. Each turn consists of solving a puzzle of, first, what the player wants to do and secondly, what the cards you have let him do. For this is not an impossible task, all cards can be used as “wildcards” can be used as if it were otherwise, but with very limited effectiveness.

Mage Knight playing
“No, if I attack, but I just healing cards in hand.”

To enhance the charts there are given that indicate how different colors of mana available, and on occasion we can keep those mana as crystals, so we’ll have available when needed.
Upon completion of a shift, steal cards until reaching our limit of hand and continue the next player.

Mage Knight enemies
The bad. Without knowing what the icons mean and intimidating.

Throughout the game we will be finding different enemies such as round tiles. Can be orcs, or the inhabitants of a tower of sorcerers, or defenders of a castle, and resolve our differences with them politically incorrect but very effective method of giving cakes. As a result of the fighting receive fame points, which we will level up and gain new skills, broaden our ability to recruit more units and also improve our armor and the maximum size of our hand of cards. The fighting also receive wounds in Mage Knight are useless letters take up space in our hand (we started limited to five cards in hand game). We can not rule them rather than using a full shift at rest, and can eliminate healing us from our deck in a village or in a monastery.

Mage Knight card
Front and back of a letter of wound.

The combat system is fast and fairly implemented. The various special abilities from enemies give much variety to the battles. To not bore much I will summarize by saying that consists of several phases: the first ranged combat, which can wipe out your opponents before they reach us, a second in which they who attacked us they could block his attack or have any of the units that have recruited receive the blow and the last in which melee attack.

Mage Knight playing
“Come, every man for himself and devil take the hindmost, which today does not touch the cooperative scenario.”

Another thing that can make our heroes during their adventures is to interact using letters of influence in the villages, castles and monasteries. We can heal or recruit units. Add that to take advantage of a castle will have to conquer first beating defenders. We may also get mana crystals crystal mines, heal in magical places in forests, enter dangerous caves full of monsters or attacking towers wizards to get spells go to our deck of cards. We can also loot and burn villages monasteries, which also receive benefits even lose reputation.

When a player ends his deck and start the turn with no cards to steal, it may herald the end of round. All players have one more turn and passed to a new round. If you were in a round of the day, one night starts now. All shuffle their decks and draw new cards that begin the first round of the new round, and so on until the end condition of the scenario being played is met. What is the difference between day and night rounds? Basically three: the cost of movement for the different types of land (not the same walk in the desert or forest day than at night), visibility (some tiles enemy only be seen from the adjacent space by day, at night you have to go and start a fight to see the contents thereof), availability of gold and black mana, one of them is available day and night is useless, and vice versa.

Mage knight board day
The board round, the day side. The numbers on the hexagons are the movement point cost of different types of terrain. In some of them, in gray, the cost will be when it’s dark.

This is, broadly speaking, the game system Mage Knight: Board Game. The game offers different scenarios, each with different setups, durations and victory conditions. In the opening scene, for example, the goal is to find the capital of the Atlantean Empire. The game ends after finding it, during the same there can be no fighting between players, nor conquer the city. Other scenarios are to conquer cities, either alone or in teams, and there is also a cooperative scenario. I left many things in the pipeline to do a review too long. Discuss all elements of the game and talk about everything offered fully occupy twice the space of what has taken me this post, and my intention is simply to give an idea of what you can find in this great design great Vlaada Chvátil .

Term and recommending you to try this game if you have time. This is a gem, although its price can roll back to more than one, is amortized safe since it is one that catches table easily. As adventure game is magnificent, besides being a eurogame able to satisfy the most discerning fan.

Game Type Fantasy and Adventure
Recommended Age +14 years
Language English
Players 2 – 4 Players
Game Time 180 minutes
Difficulty High